A Field in Motion: Fighting Cancer with Exercise

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I was diagnosed with Cancer 15 months ago. Exercise and the outdoors have been critical components in my battle with cancer and treatment recovery. I am a lifelong athlete and sports enthusiast, “getting back in the saddle” was natural/easy for me and I’m reaping the benefits.
Why not help others get out there, get moving? This is how I came with the idea for Supportersize, organizing outdoor physical activities for people impacted by Cancer and their families. We always make a point that “we do not claim to cure Cancer”. Having said that, I was excited to learn about the work by exercise scientist Lee Jones who studies the effects of physical activity with scientific rigor. He’s currently the Director of the multidisciplinary Cardio-Oncology Research Program (CORP) at Memorial Sloan Kettering, the great hospital where I am being treated.

He says: “While we’ve recognized the critical importance of exercise therapy for other diseases since ancient times, the value of exercise in people with cancer was left largely untouched until recently. The prevailing view was that cancer is associated with poor outcomes and patients who either are undergoing or have finished intensive cancer treatments would not be able to tolerate participating in structured exercise programs. Because of this, many patients are still being advised to rest and avoid strenuous activities.”

However, things are now changing radically. Read More Here!



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