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Didn’t have a chance to update my blog in a while; between family, work, health and training – life got in the way. I continue to train for the SEAPaddle 2016 which will take place in 5 weeks.

The first time I got on a race SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board), which is a long and fairly narrow vessel, was back in October 2015 and I remember how unstable it felt. I am now able to paddle for 3 hours straight, even navigating some rough waters here and there. I had to develop my balance and sport specific strength and stamina – still not sure if I got far enough on either.

I am on a mission to inspire fellow survivors to incorporate exercise in their healing process, and raise funds for cancer research – this helps me stay focused. Training for ultra-endurance events is demanding – time, patience and the resolve to do it. The training program stretches over several months during which I gradually train and build my body to sustain longer and longer periods of physical (and mental…) strenuous work.
Training for me consists of on-water program prepared by Larry Cain’s at Paddle Monster and strength training in the gym with my friend Ray Dente at GFWR. I also like to incorporate different sports which helps with recovery and alleviating boredom, for me its weekly soccer.
This week I reached a personal milestone; paddled for 3 hours straight, point to point covering 11 miles with my friend and training partner Linda. Linda will also paddle with me at the SEAPaddle and is very kind to raise money for the cause.

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