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The Erg!

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I love challenging my body in different ways; it’s more stimulating and healthier for the body and soul. This year I am getting acquainted with…

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Inspiring Stories From the Road

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I had my share of sports injuries over the years; some were due to over training, age, doing stupid things and over-exerting my body after cancer…

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How to Build Up Strength and Stamina

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While I am in very poor physical shape now due to recent changes in treatment, I am confident that with proper training I will be…

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It’s All About the Journey

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On August 20th 2016 I plan to be on the starting line of the SeaPaddleNYC,  a 25 miles race, circumnavigating Manhattan on a Stand Up…

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Fighting Stage IV Cancer Inspires a New Exercise Journey

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Through my Ultra Marathon experience I met many wonderful individuals, one of them is Jesica D’Avanza, a lifelong runner who publishes a very entertaining blog…

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From 1/2 Mile to 58 Miles…

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On Thursday August 14th, 23 months to the day since I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer, I completed the TransRockies Run covering 9,000…

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How To Train for an Endurance Event?

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I was asked frequently how do I train for the Transrockies, a multi day trail run that covers 56 miles and nearly 9,000 ft of…

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Altra, the Zero Drop™ Shoe Company Supports my Run

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Yesterday I got my new Altra Zero Drop trail running shoes from the awesome folks at Altra in the Wasatch Mountains, they support me on my…

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Mountain Hardwear Supports me for Transrockies

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Been wearing these great training outfits for several years, Love them. So you can imagine how happy I was when the folks at Mountain Hardwear…

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Four Ways to Incorporate Running Stairs into Training

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Two more weeks of training before Transrockies begins and I feel quite strong. Last few long runs this week and I still continue to do…

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