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Help Our Athletes Raise Funding for Research on Cancer Recovery Through Excercise

Exercise has been shown through large-scale studies to be associated with significant improvements in both physical and physiological parameters in patients with cancer. Yet, despite the evidence that exercise benefits recovery, medical professionals do not have access to evidence-based exercise programs that can benefit recovery from cancer.

That’s where Supportersize’s Outrunning Cancer™ project comes in: Your donation will support our collaboration with leading oncologists at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) to develop and provide every oncologist with trusted, evidence-based, and customized exercise programs for their patients that complement traditional cancer treatments. Supportersize Foundation is a Registered 501(C)(3) Organization.

Support this research!

The three athletes below are competing to raise funds for Outrunning Cancer’s™ ground-breaking research. Supportersize founder Yariv “Dolio” Kafri and Linda Cirigliano will be participating in SEA Paddle NYC 2016 this August. This May, Stephanie Verwys will be riding her bike across the country, from Maine to Oregon. Each of these athletes’ lives has been in some way touched by cancer, inspiring them to take action to help others. Please consider donating to one or all of their campaigns. To donate and learn more about our athletes, click one of our athlete’s links below.

Elizabeth O’Donnell, MD, Director of the Lifestyle Medicine Clinic at MGHThere is a real, unmet need for an evidence based exercise program, a genuine patient/doctor collaboration to be incorporated into the healing process of cancer patients and survivors; we plan to answer that need.”
— Elizabeth O’Donnell, MD, Director of the Lifestyle Medicine Clinic at MGH

Exercise can benefit recovery
  • Patients who engage in 18 MET-hours per week (the equivalent of walking 6 or more hours per week at an average pace) have a 47% improvement in disease-free survival compared with inactive patients.1
  • Women who participated in moderate exercise (3–5 hours a week) had a 50% lower risk of breast cancer recurrence, breast cancer death, or death from any cause.2
1 Schmid D, Leitzmann MF. Association between physical activity and mortality among breast cancer and colorectal cancer survivors: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Annals of oncology : official journal of the European Society for Medical Oncology / ESMO 2014; 25(7): 1293-311.
2 Holmes MD, Chen WY, Feskanich D, Kroenke CH, Colditz GA. Physical activity and survival after breast cancer diagnosis. JAMA : the journal of the American Medical Association 2005; 293(20): 2479-86.