Fighting Stage IV Cancer Inspires a New Exercise Journey

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Through my Ultra Marathon experience I met many wonderful individuals, one of them is Jesica D’Avanza, a lifelong runner who publishes a very entertaining blog “runladylike”. She’s on a mission to keep challenging herself to be better tomorrow than she was yesterday and to inspire other runners to do the same – by embracing our unique abilities, charting our own course and making our own rules. She wrote a beautiful piece about my TransRockies experience which I want to share with you HERE.


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  • Irfan

    Exercise is always good for health. We have to do push-ups, you can make it more difficult to have a variety of ways. We always exercise the mind is always for people’s health and analytical support. You will win if you maintain your exercise goals. But if you have read this exercise is not good for your health …..

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