Meet Dolio

Yariv (Dolio) Kafri

I leaned down on my handlebars, gulped the breeze, looked over at my buddy Jeff, and laughed out loud. Here we were, on a 30-mile ride along the Gold Coast of Long Island, packed amidst our closest friends. This was something we’d all done 300 times before, and yet today stood out. Why? Because ten days earlier, I was lying in the operating room, having my cancer removed.

I’m Yariv (Dolio) Kafri, founder of Supportersize and one of many people living with cancer. In my 40s married and a father of two, I’d always been vibrantly healthy. A runner, yogi, surfer, skier, and soccer player, I’d completed over 30 Olympic and Ironman triathlons and didn’t plan on stopping.

Then, I was diagnosed with cancer. I thought life was over. Little did I know that something new and far-reaching was about to spring into existence.

“I knew I had to get back on my feet. I had a lot more to do here.”

The instant I got the green light to resume exercising, I took that beautiful ride. After that, I resolved to remain active—even through the chemo. Now I’m back: carving the slopes, kicking that soccer ball, and embracing my life with utter gratitude.

The thing is, my activity level wasn’t just a boon for my health and a relief to my family. During that epic ride, and at points along the way to recovery, I kept hearing from others how inspired they were and how strong it made them feel.

That’s why I founded Supportersize. Our mission is to inspire, motivate and empower patients and survivors to incorporate exercise in their healing process. We can’t heal cancer, but we can support those affected by it by helping them experience widespread joy, solidarity, and empowerment.