From 1/2 Mile to 58 Miles…

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On Thursday August 14th, 23 months to the day since I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer, I completed the TransRockies Run covering 9,000 ft of elevation gains (as high as 12,500 ft in altitude at some points), over 56 miles and nearly 15 hours on the trails. My journey started back in January 2014, after completing the last round of aggressive chemo therapy and was able to walk 1/2 a mile before I was totally exhausted and had to stop. What an AMAZING experience and journey!

I ran to raise awareness to Supportersize and fund Lung Cancer research at Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center. I have no words to describe my appreciation for the support I received throughout my journey from so many people and organizations such as the great Dr.s and staff at Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, break through medications from Pfizer, my coach Jacob Puzey, my friends and Supportersize volunteers and last but not list; my wife Danielle, my sons Roey and Jake and my extended family.

You can still donate for lung cancer research

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