On Purpose and Exercise

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People ask me how do I keep my optimism and drive – it’s not one thing but exercise with a goal in mind and friends next to me unquestionably has a part.

I try to exercise with a purpose – it makes exercising more interesting, it provides motivation and results can be measured. My goal now is to be ready for the 2016 SEAPaddle NYC which will take place in August 2016. My preparations includes on water and off water exercises to build strength, endurance and balance. I am not a professional athlete but I still prefer to follow an exercise program when I train with a particular event in mind. Late last year I approached two professional athletes; Larry Caine, (http://larrycain.ca/home.html) formerly a Canadian Olympic canoe team member and a fantastic source of knowledge on the sport of Stand Up Paddling. He is a boundless source of advice regarding technique and form and he’s been a real support for my training so far.  larry cain
My “dry” coach is Ray Dente (http://www.getfitwithray.com) who works with me on getting stronger and developing stamina “on land”. We focus on appropriate strength training in the gym and since he’s based in Manhattan we have numerous opportunities to work out together in the gym, which is awesome.


I find it extremely helpful to have a long term fitness goal (race or other athletic event) and follow an exercise program that consists of short term goals, and above all I love working out with friends, it’s more fun and takes my mind away from the pain.

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