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“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face*”

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OR, lessons learned while paddling in 2016 SEAPaddle NYC              Whatever the circumstance was, I need to keep going  My heart…

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The Close Ties Between Exercise and Beer

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Do you look forward to the cold beer at the end of your workout or race? if your answer is YES! I totally get you,…

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It’s All About the Journey

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On August 20th 2016 I plan to be on the starting line of the SeaPaddleNYC,  a 25 miles race, circumnavigating Manhattan on a Stand Up…

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What Supportersize is all about

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My week is filled with physical activities between soccer, yoga, trail running and surfing. But this year I took a new challenge; participate in the PepsiCo…

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What makes a trail runner?

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I started running trails several years ago, after I stopped competing in Triathlons and before I was diagnosed with Cancer. Trail running is a great…

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A Field in Motion: Fighting Cancer with Exercise

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I was diagnosed with Cancer 15 months ago. Exercise and the outdoors have been critical components in my battle with cancer and treatment recovery. I…

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How “before and after” fitness pictures are faked

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Don’t get fooled by those “before and after pictures,” especially now, after New Year’s resolution time. Watch this video FIRST It shows you how the…

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Planning your 2015 race schedule?

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Scott Dunlap curated a great list of races for 2015, where does he get the time to train and participate? I am focused on the…

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People will never forget …..

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Think of the last autobiography you read or documentary you watched about someone whom you admire. Looking back, did their list of achievements matter more,…

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People are Awesome!

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It is sometimes unbelievable what people can do once they put their mind into it… you got to check this out HERE!

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