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From Weightlifting to Bodyweight Exercises

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I remember the first time I saw Parkour performance, it was like watching superheroes in comics. I wished I could follow their moves but I realised that at…

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Doctors’ Texts Can Spur Patients to Exercise

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One of the bigger obstacles in getting people to exercise is lack of motivation. We at Supportersize are putting a lot of thoughts into this issue…

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It’s All About the Journey

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On August 20th 2016 I plan to be on the starting line of the SeaPaddleNYC,  a 25 miles race, circumnavigating Manhattan on a Stand Up…

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We Did Not Evolve to Sit at Desks All Day

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While I exercise 5-6 days a week, most of the rest of my week is spent at my desk.  The information age (the age we’re…

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How Exercise May Aid Cancer Treatment

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I registered to participate in the Transrockies 2015 as a way to draw attention to a very important (to me) cause – promoting exercise to…

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Zen and the Art of Calisthenics

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Training with nothing but your own body is about as primal as it gets. It also teaches you to become aware of the subtle nuances…

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Exercise in a Group or Alone? which is better for you?

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One of the main drivers to start Supportersize, the non profit that organizes outdoor physical activities for people impacted with Cancer, was my experience over…

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A Field in Motion: Fighting Cancer with Exercise

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I was diagnosed with Cancer 15 months ago. Exercise and the outdoors have been critical components in my battle with cancer and treatment recovery. I…

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