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Good Things Will Happen

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“Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.” – Newt Gingrich Success always has…

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Inspiring Stories From the Road

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I had my share of sports injuries over the years; some were due to over training, age, doing stupid things and over-exerting my body after cancer…

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10 Weird and Wacky Things Runners Do

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We runners are bizarre.  It’s a fact.  Mark Kennedy compiled a list of 10 of his running idiosyncrasies. I can empathize. For the full list Read Here.…

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Next Time You’re Dreading Going to Run on a Treadmill, Just Watch This

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I often dread doing Cardio indoors, but slippery conditions like today in NYC don’t leave much choice…. For Inspiration check out This Video

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Beginner’s Guide to Long Distance Running

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Great advise for every runner, even after miles and miles. Learning to run farther than most people drive in a day isn’t the result of crazy-intense…

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How Stress Can Be Good for You

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Contrary to popular belief, stress can be a healthy part of our lives. By harnessing stress in the way nature intended – in moderate doses,…

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Parkour, That sport where you jump from buildings and vault over walls…

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This has nothing to do with trail running, cancer or anything I can do, but I wish I could. Many men are drawn to Parkour even…

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People will never forget …..

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Think of the last autobiography you read or documentary you watched about someone whom you admire. Looking back, did their list of achievements matter more,…

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People are Awesome!

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It is sometimes unbelievable what people can do once they put their mind into it… you got to check this out HERE!

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