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Doctors’ Texts Can Spur Patients to Exercise

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One of the bigger obstacles in getting people to exercise is lack of motivation. We at Supportersize are putting a lot of thoughts into this issue…

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5 Tips To Keep Hiking In The Winter

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Winter this past two months has been brutal, I never stopped exercising outdoors but going on a trail with that much snow and ice is…

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Exercise in a Group or Alone? which is better for you?

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One of the main drivers to start Supportersize, the non profit that organizes outdoor physical activities for people impacted with Cancer, was my experience over…

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Next Time You’re Dreading Going to Run on a Treadmill, Just Watch This

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I often dread doing Cardio indoors, but slippery conditions like today in NYC don’t leave much choice…. For Inspiration check out This Video

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5 mistakes you make while jogging on treadmill

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I rarely run indoors, unless the weather is so awful like it was in the NY area this week, and surfaces are too icy. Indoor…

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Parkour, That sport where you jump from buildings and vault over walls…

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This has nothing to do with trail running, cancer or anything I can do, but I wish I could. Many men are drawn to Parkour even…

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How “before and after” fitness pictures are faked

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Don’t get fooled by those “before and after pictures,” especially now, after New Year’s resolution time. Watch this video FIRST It shows you how the…

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Planning your 2015 race schedule?

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Scott Dunlap curated a great list of races for 2015, where does he get the time to train and participate? I am focused on the…

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People are Awesome!

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It is sometimes unbelievable what people can do once they put their mind into it… you got to check this out HERE!

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