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Stretching and Injury Prevention

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I started training for the Transrockies back in December 2014, with a 30 min walk/jog consisting of one mile walk, one mile jog. I constantly…

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10 Weird and Wacky Things Runners Do

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We runners are bizarre.  It’s a fact.  Mark Kennedy compiled a list of 10 of his running idiosyncrasies. I can empathize. For the full list Read Here.…

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What Counting Your Steps Will Teach You About the Value of Running

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Now that nearly everyone wears a gadget that counts steps I was curious what running means for step counting. Matt mentions in his post few…

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When to Stretch?

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The short Answer: Think about Tootsie Roll! For the detailed explanation Read More from Jeff Galloway – “Running and Walking until you are 100, Injury free”

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Beginner’s Guide to Long Distance Running

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Great advise for every runner, even after miles and miles. Learning to run farther than most people drive in a day isn’t the result of crazy-intense…

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5 mistakes you make while jogging on treadmill

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I rarely run indoors, unless the weather is so awful like it was in the NY area this week, and surfaces are too icy. Indoor…

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Running injuries and training

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I finally went on a trail walk/run after several weeks trying to cure my calf muscle injury. The lethal combination of impatience and age are…

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The Science Behind Sports and Hapiness

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The following infographic explains why I started Supportersize, the not for profit that organizes Free Outdoor athletic activities for people living with Cancer. Research shows…

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Study Confirms That Men Are Dumb

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Since I decided to participate in #Transrockies as a way to raise awareness to the benefits of exercise for people living with Cancer, the findings in this research…

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Undo the damage of sitting too much!

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If you’re like most men living and working in a techno-service economy, you probably spend a good deal of your day sitting down. I started…

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