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Altra, the Zero Drop™ Shoe Company Supports my Run

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Yesterday I got my new Altra Zero Drop trail running shoes from the awesome folks at Altra in the Wasatch Mountains, they support me on my…

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Oakley Supports my Run

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I am so excited that Oakley, Inc., the manufacturer of sports performance equipment and lifestyle pieces including sunglasses, sports visors, ski/snowboard goggles, and other accessories…

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First Half Marathon Since I Was Diagnosed with Cancer

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Twenty months ago I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer stage 4, and last week I was proud of myself for participating in the fist half…

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Running Gear and 5 unusual suggestions…

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One of my favorite things about running is that it is cheap, and very simple to execute – get dressed and go… but I also…

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What makes a trail runner?

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I started running trails several years ago, after I stopped competing in Triathlons and before I was diagnosed with Cancer. Trail running is a great…

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Marijuana, Cannabis, and Weed – what does it have to do with trail running?

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I became quite familiar with the benefits of Marijuana while going through Chemotherapy. None of the medications prescribed by the Dr. were as effective as…

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Training, Radiation and a great Indoor Cycling for People with Cancer

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The past few weeks started with radiation to my brain to eliminate few stubborn lesion and ended with a great Indoor Cycling event, organized by…

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Fitness Benefits of Snowshoeing

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Weather in NY has been horrific lately with all the snow and freezing temperatures but I wanted to keep training for the 2015 Transrockies event,…

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5 Tips To Keep Hiking In The Winter

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Winter this past two months has been brutal, I never stopped exercising outdoors but going on a trail with that much snow and ice is…

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Paleo snacks for hikers and trail runners

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My stomach went crazy after four rounds of chemo therapy last year, and I was looking for a natural solution before getting on another medicine…

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