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3 things you will be surprised to learn about hiking!

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I am training for the #Transrockies multi day trail event, covering 59 miles and 9,0000 ft elevation gain in three days. I plan on doing…

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Ultrarunning: What You Should Know About Multiday Races

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Two months ago I started training for Transrockies 2015, a three day trail run covering 58 miles and 9,000 elevation gain. Big challenge especially in…

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10 Weird and Wacky Things Runners Do

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We runners are bizarre.  It’s a fact.  Mark Kennedy compiled a list of 10 of his running idiosyncrasies. I can empathize. For the full list Read Here.…

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What Counting Your Steps Will Teach You About the Value of Running

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Now that nearly everyone wears a gadget that counts steps I was curious what running means for step counting. Matt mentions in his post few…

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Next Time You’re Dreading Going to Run on a Treadmill, Just Watch This

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I often dread doing Cardio indoors, but slippery conditions like today in NYC don’t leave much choice…. For Inspiration check out This Video

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Beginner’s Guide to Long Distance Running

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Great advise for every runner, even after miles and miles. Learning to run farther than most people drive in a day isn’t the result of crazy-intense…

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Running injuries and training

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I finally went on a trail walk/run after several weeks trying to cure my calf muscle injury. The lethal combination of impatience and age are…

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Planning your 2015 race schedule?

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Scott Dunlap curated a great list of races for 2015, where does he get the time to train and participate? I am focused on the…

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The Science Behind Sports and Hapiness

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The following infographic explains why I started Supportersize, the not for profit that organizes Free Outdoor athletic activities for people living with Cancer. Research shows…

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Biking doesn’t get more chilling than this

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This is another way to do Trails, what an awesome idea. Check out this fantastic clip at Holy Kaw!

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