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In the Jacuzzi

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I finally was able to get on my SUP on the Hudson River for the first time and I am so glad I did not wait…

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An Update…

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Didn’t have a chance to update my blog in a while; between family, work, health and training – life got in the way. I continue…

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On Purpose and Exercise

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People ask me how do I keep my optimism and drive – it’s not one thing but exercise with a goal in mind and friends…

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How To Train for an Endurance Event?

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I was asked frequently how do I train for the Transrockies, a multi day trail run that covers 56 miles and nearly 9,000 ft of…

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Four Ways to Incorporate Running Stairs into Training

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Two more weeks of training before Transrockies begins and I feel quite strong. Last few long runs this week and I still continue to do…

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How To Overcome Fatigue?

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This is the big question for me now. I am running over 35 miles a week and the mileage will increase in the coming weeks, with…

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Posture Training

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Good posture affects both your physical body as well as your emotional and mental well-being. It is very important during exercise, having good posture has…

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What Supportersize is all about

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My week is filled with physical activities between soccer, yoga, trail running and surfing. But this year I took a new challenge; participate in the PepsiCo…

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How Exercise May Aid Cancer Treatment

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I registered to participate in the Transrockies 2015 as a way to draw attention to a very important (to me) cause – promoting exercise to…

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Training, Radiation and a great Indoor Cycling for People with Cancer

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The past few weeks started with radiation to my brain to eliminate few stubborn lesion and ended with a great Indoor Cycling event, organized by…

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